Xbox Game Pass adds surprise day-one launch with Supraland sequel

Supra Games UG has just dropped Supraland: Six Inches Under, a follow-up to Supraland, as a surprise day-one addition to Xbox Game Pass.

As just announced in the Humble Games showcase, the Supraland sequel, Supraland: Six Inches Under, launches into Game Pass today as a surprise addition, bringing a new adventure where you need to rescue your fellow townspeople.

supraland six inches under game pass

Supraland: Six Inches Under joins Game Pass today

In Six Inches Under, we are a Blue Plumber looking to rescue the townspeople of Supraland after the fearful Rakening. They’ve all disappeared below the sandbox, opening up a new underworld full of puzzles and combat.

Supra Games UG says you don’t need to have played the first Supraland to enjoy Six Inches Under, which functions as its own follow-up, but that players of the first game will be happy to find new skills and activities, as well as a new approach to combat.

Supraland: Six Inches Under joins Game Pass today — will you be checking it out, or any of the other games coming to Game Pass?

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