Why Player1games Has Some Exciting Months Ahead

If you’ve been paying close attention to the App Store over the last few years you’ll know that player1games is one of the most interesting developers on the scene, with a library of fun and accessible games spanning a variety of genres.

What you may not know, however, is that player1games has big plans. 

The execution of those plans is already underway, with several of the studio’s most recognizable titles – including The Linguist, The Linguist: Word Craft, and the two Monkey Swingers games – making the leap from iOS to Android. 

This is still very much an ongoing project, and player1games aims to bring its entire library to the Google Play Store to boot.

We thought this would be a good moment to take a quick look at a couple of the games that have already crossed over, the ones that are in the process of crossing over, and the studio’s plans for the future. 

Let’s start at the beginning. Player1games is perhaps best known for The Linguist and The Linguist: Word Craft. Both games that are a lot more interesting than the likes of Wordle.

These immaculate – and completely different – word games are available on both mobile platforms, and between them they offer a variety of different gameplay types, from filling in crossword-style grids to picking out words in a Boggle-esque jumble of letters. 

Both games are easy to pick up but difficult to master, with hidden depths in terms of multipliers, scoring strategies, and so on. They change visually along with the seasons too, with specific words triggering special effects too. Pretty nifty.

While The Linguist is a relatively meditative experience, with a blend of straightforward and cryptic puzzle types and a meditative garden to tend between play sessions, The Linguist: Word Craft is a fast-paced experience built on brisk three-minute rounds. 

It has daily puzzles, too, along with sharing options, a host of power-ups, and a clever vertical stacking mechanic that sees you gradually clearing grid squares from the board. 

The Linguist: Word Craft gets new themes all the time, along with hidden words and visual effects matching those themes. It’s a big, expansive word game, and potentially the basis of a whole new word game series. 

In fact, player1games is actively working on multiple new word games based on the Linguist brand. 

You heard it here first.

Player1games’s other big brand is its Mathletix series of educational titles for kids. In case you’ve never come across them before, the Mathletix games are simple, colorful educational apps designed to help children learn the basics of arithmetic. 

There are several titles already available – including Mathletix Addition, Mathletix Subtraction, Mathletix Multiplication, and the recently released Mathletix Division – and there are plenty more in the pipeline. 

In fact, the next title in the series is just weeks away, and will help youngsters to learn how to tell the time. 

Plus, player1games is planning to roll out an update for all of the existing Mathletix titles containing a fun new game type called Mathketball. Keep an eye out for that one over the coming weeks. 

Finally, there’s a whole new game in the works called Music Blast. Already available in a limited number of territories, Music Blast is a fun match-three game with a musical theme, plenty of exciting visual effects, and a fun selection of stages to work your way through. 

Look out for Music Blast on your local Google Play Store or App Store in the coming weeks. Just check out player1games on Google Play and the App Store.

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