What Happens When You Die In Hunt Showdown?

Hunt Showdown mixes PvP and PvE elements together, creating a whole new experience in the Survival/FPS shooter genre. The principle is simple, recruit one out of four Hunters, or a legendary Hunter, and join the Bounty hunt. 

However, any weapon, no matter which type or size, can be deadly and eliminate you with one swift strike. So, what happens if you die in a game of Hunt Showdown?

If a player dies in Hunt Showdown, the Hunter will be lost, including all equipped items, traits, and weaponry. Players under level 11 have a beginners-protection so that dead Hunters can be used again. In the Quickplay mode, the death of Hunters is permanent, like in the Bounty Hunt mode.

Because every death in Hunt is permanent (excluding players under Lvl 11), playing a game with a Hunter is always a risk, especially if he is already in the upper levels (max level 50). However, playing with a leveled Hunter can also make it easier to extract because you have more traits.

Note: Losing a Hunter will not affect your Bloodline or prestige; however, you will only get half of the money and XP you would get if you escaped.

Do you lose legendary Hunters in Hunt Showdown?

Legendary Hunters can only be unlocked by purchasing their dedicated DLC or spending a specific amount of Blood Bonds, which varies between the characters. 

If a player loses a legendary Hunter in a game of Hunt Showdown, they can be recruited again for 333 Hunt Dollars in the shop. Legendary Hunters also come with three random traits and are always available because they are locked to the player account. 

Like legendary Hunters, legendary weapons are more detailed skins of specific weapons and can be unlocked by purchasing the dedicated DLC or spending Blood Bonds.

If your Hunter with a legendary weapon dies, the weapon will be lost permanently. However, legendary weapons can be purchased in the shop after a game for a specific amount of Hunt Dollars.

Besides, legendary weapons are usually a bit more expensive than their regular counterparts. But they look much better! 

Legendary weapons that got required by reaching a certain prestige or through Trial rewards, like the Sparks LRR Lousianna Lunstrum or Winfield M1873 Fifty Laurels, can also be purchased again if you lose them.

Here is a list of a few legendary weapons in Hunt: Showdown:

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