Undecember Builds – Best For Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence

Just started playing Undecember? We know it can be a bit mind-boggling with the amount of options you have when starting out, so we’ve created a list of Undecember builds to aid you in your quest! We’ll keep this guide updated when we find new builds, so we recommend bookmarking this page so that you’ll never miss out.

If you didn’t know, Undecember is an exciting, new ARPG that just released today after months of beta testing. The game, developed by LINE Games, quests you with becoming the best Rune Hunter out there. The campaign itself is long enough, but with the inclusion of a classless system, so many doors are open for playing the game repeatedly with different builds.

Can’t get enough of Undecember? Neither can we; make sure to check out our Undecember tier list, Undecember weapons guide, and Undecember runes guide. Now, on with the Undecember build guide.

Undecember Builds

“What is a build?” you may ask. A build is made up of in a specific combination Gear, Skills, and Zodiac. Essentially, there is hundreds of different builds all designed for certain things, so we’ll just narrow it down to the three Rune types.

Undecember Builds – Strength

This build focuses on raw melee offensive power, utilising powerful melee weapons and the best strength-based runes.


  • Any gear with elemental resist
  • Ideally a Two-handed weapon e.g. Two-handed sword
  • Prioritise poison damage
  • Don’t worry about dexterity or crit
  • Make sure you get boots with a high speed level


  • Whirlwind
  • Channelling Enhancement
  • Quick Attack
  • Strong Regenerative Power
  • Toxic Flame
  • Fireball


  • Prioritise points for strength
  • Second priority is intelligence
  • Ignore dexterity


A good intelligence build is also a good mage build. As we already have an article dedicated to the best mage build, we’ve decided to go with an alternative mage build for this guide.


  • Magician attire
  • Any equipment high in magid damage
  • Consise Steel Buckler


  • Flamethrower
  • Channeling Enhancement
  • Spell Activation while Channeling
  • Fire Ball
  • Spell Damage Increase
  • Multishot
  • Teleport
  • Use Count
  • Minion HP
  • Summoning Abyssling
  • Minion Armour


  • Put most points into Intelligence
  • Put some points in Strength
  • Ignore Dexterity (leave at 10)


A good dexterity build is also a good archer build. To make things more interesting, we’ve created an alternative archer build by using our original archer build as a foundation.


  • Any bow high in physical damage, attack damage, critical damage, speed, and gear critical rate
  • Quiver that’s high in critical damage, physical damage, and attack speed
  • Any accessories that will increase the physical damage and provide some decent resistance e.g. plain compass necklace
  • Armour that’s high in resistance, features HP on kill, projectile damage, and physical damage


  • Toxic Flame
  • Piercing arrow
  • Find weakness
  • Slaughter
  • Attack DMG increase
  • Toxic Flame
  • Illusion arrow
  • Teleport


  • Put most of your points into Dexterity
  • Put some of your points into Strength
  • Ignore Intelligence

That’s all for now. Check out the related Undecember guides in paragraph three, and make sure to bookmark this guide to come back soon to learn more as we update the guide.

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