The Global Pre-Registration Campaign for Archosaur Games’s Life Makeover Has Begun

Life Makeover is the latest project in the genre of simulation and social games from Dragon Raja developer Archosaur Games , and you can pre-register for the global version right now on Android and iOS.

If you want a bit of background, Life Makeover has already accumulated more than 15 million pre-registrations and followers worldwide, as well hitting the top of the Free Games charts in Taiwan China, Singapore and Japan.

So it’s kind of a big deal. If you want to try Life Makeover sign up here for the test on March, 20th.

Pre-registration lets you claim an exclusive Limited Outfit, an Exquisite Houseplant for your home, and a host of other rewards and prizes once the pre-registration campaign passes certain milestones.

As its name suggests, Life Makeover is a dress-up and simulation game that sees you creating avatars, dressing them up in thousands of different outfits, designing your own custom patterns, and creating impeccably renovated homes for them to live in.

Every conceivable aspect of your appearance is customizable, including skin tone, body shape, and facial details. Life Makeover lets you create a beautiful facsimile of yourself to send into the virtual world. And your outfits are also customizable too, right down the fabric .

Likewise, you have complete freedom to create any type of home you like, from a luxury penthouse to a humble farmhouse. You’re in total control from the foundations and layout all the way up to the furniture and final decorative touches.

Whichever choices you make, the end result is bound to look fantastic. Life Makeover boasts a stunning array of textures, including realistic skin, hair, and fabric.

As you’d expect from the team behind Dragon Raja, Life Makeover is a visually ambitious project powered by Unreal Engine 4. It’s basically a virtual world where you can express your inner fashionista and interior design consultant.

Of course, a lifestyle makeover is no good unless you can show it off, so Life Makeover also lets you hang out with friends all over the world.

You’ll be able to play Life Makeover soon. In the meantime, head to the Google Play Store or the App Store to join the pre-registration.

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