Shadows of Doubt Tips – Solving a Case

On the hunt for Shadows of Doubt tips? You’ve come to the right place! Our tips guide contains all you need to know when solving a case. We’ve made sure that our guide is beginner friendly and we plan to update this page as we get our own hands-on experience!

Shadows of Doubt is a stylish cyberpunk immersive sim where you play a retired detective. The aim of the game is to solve a variety of cases – each of which is randomly generated within the open world. This means that no playthrough is the same, making it a brilliantly unique experience for all players. Break into apartments as you search for clues, scan fingerprints, and pin all important evidence onto your handy interactive evidence board!

For more information about the game visit the official Steam page or follow the Twitter page! If you’re looking for new games to play, check out our Omega Strikers characters, Duelyst 2 decks, and our ERROR143 codes.

Shadows of Doubt Tips

Now, let’s move on to the guide! We’ll include a range of tips and tricks for beginners below.


Let’s go over some of the best ways to look for clues when searching through an apartment.

Finding Clues

  • One of the most important tasks that you need to carry out is searching for fingerprints using the Fingerprint Scanner tool. To find a fingerprint, you need to look for the purple fingerprint symbol! Make sure to pin any anomalies as you find them
  • This may seem obvious, but searching every room of the apartment is of the utmost importance – even opening up random drawers and cupboards!
  • Pin any suspicious items or useful information on the evidence board – even if it seems pointless at the time
  • You may find a body in the apartment that you are searching through – remember to take fingerprints and search the body!
  • Check the address book and telephone in apartments – make sure to pin any information regarding the last person who called the telephone etc
  • Search for passcodes (remember to pin them to your evidence board!) – this is to help you gain access to a safe/cruncher, and can also provide you with sync disks and other items that can be sold for money (sync disks can be used to modify your character and upgrade them!)
  • Look through trash cans to find any possible evidence such as receipts (this can provide you with a lead to where they were last spotted and who they spoke to)
  • Prioritise looking for ID cards and Work IDs as they provide you with additional information about the victim (you can use this information to visit their workplace and coworkers!)
  • Similarly to fingerprints, you can also look for footprints to help you determine the suspect’s shoe size
  • Log in to a cruncher when possible (note down passcodes!) – this can provide you with extra evidence such as emails, messages, etc
  • Victims may have health records stored in their wardrobe

Escape Route

  • Ideally, you need to look for an escape route as soon as you get into the apartment – you don’t want to be caught trespassing! The resident of the apartment can show up, or the police
  • Vents and doors are useful escape routes! (There may be more, but we’re still gathering further information while playing the game) – vents can also be used as entry points, but they are also randomly generated
  • Hit “tab” to keep track of where you are when traversing through the vents – you may end up landing into another apartment, which means you’ll need to lockpick your way out!

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