Sea of Thieves board game sets sail, preorders now live

Sea of Thieves is the latest in a long line of games to get a board game adaptation, with Steamforged’s tabletop spin-off Sea of Thieves: Voyage of Legends now available for preorder.

sea of thieves board game

If you can’t get enough of Sea of Thieves, you might be glad to know that there’s a tabletop adaptation on the way courtesy of Steamforged Games. Preorders for Sea of Thieves: Voyage of Legends, the board game twist on Rare’s popular pirate playground, are now live on the Steamforged site for $59.95 / £59.99 / €59.95, with shipping due to start this summer.

Sea of Thieves: Voyage of Legends now available to preorder

Steamforged’s Sherwin Matthews describes the upcoming nautical board game as “an open world 4X-lite,” pitting 2-4 plucky pirates against one another (as well as the many perils of the high seas) in a quest to be crowned Pirate Legend. “Everything in Sea of Thieves, from the NPCs and enemies, through the areas you explore and items you find, to the tone of the game itself is dripping with a very special flavour,” Matthews explains. “And once I had that answer, I knew that’s where we had to drill into to make our tabletop experience feel like the video game. There are a lot of levels to this, and an awful lot of jargon I could accidentally stray into, but said simply, we needed to remain evocative of that flavour at all times, even if we were mechanically doing something new. And if something started to feel like too much of a departure? We reeled it back in.”

Steamforged has seen great success with other tabletop adaptations of popular video games in the past, faithfully adapting franchises like Monster Hunter, Dark Souls, Gears of War, Resident Evil, and more into board, card, and role-playing games. Monster Hunter World: The Board Game was a roaring success on Kickstarter, picking up almost £3.5 million in pledges (mine has now shipped and I am very excited), with a new version based on the Iceborne expansion set to hit Kickstarter next month.

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