Samsung’s Galaxy Bauds 2 are $55 off right now

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With the launch of the Galaxy Buds 2 last year, Samsung brought premium features like active noise cancellation (ANC) to its entry-level headphones, while keeping the same $150 price as the Galaxy Buds+. If that’s still too much money, you can now grab a pair at Amazon in multiple colors for just $95, for a savings of $55 or 37 percent. 

Buy Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 at Amazon – $95

The Galaxy Buds 2 received a solid 84 Engadget Review score thanks to a number of big improvements. The biggest is the addition of ANC, along with an adjustable ambient sounds mode. While the ANC doesn’t block external sounds as well as more expensive earbuds, it’s a big improvement over simple passive noise cancellation They also offer improved sound quality, with ample base and balanced sound. It also offers EQ presets and the ability to control features using the Galaxy Watch 4.

They’re 15 percent small and 20 percent lighter than the Galaxy Buds+, making them he company’s smallest and most comfortable earbuds to date. Battery life isn’t incredible at 5 hours (with ANC enabled), but the case holds an additional three full charges and it supports Qi wireless charging as well. Call quality is solid thanks to AI that helps reduce background noise.

All those features make the Galaxy Buds 2 a very solid buy, particularly at the $95 sale price that’s just off the all-time low. They’re designed to work best with Android devices, though so iPhone users will probably want to look elsewhere.

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