RPG Elevator Best Miracle – How To Get The Best Power In RPG Elevator

Looking to get started in the gloomy world of RPG Elevator but feeling a little confused about what you need to do? Heard about these fancy powers but can’t find them anywhere? Our RPG Elevator best miracle guide is here to help! We’ll try and briefly cover things you need to know.

RPG Elevator is a Roblox RPG where you must brave the different levels of an underground world after an apocalyptic event began to turn people into monsters. Team up with fellow Guardians of Bunker 5 to face whatever the doors will open to next.

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RPG Elevator Best Miracle Guide

Here we’ll try and cover any questions you might have.

What Are Miracles?

Miracles are magic-like abilities. Your actions in the tutorial can change what options are available. A Miracle gives you some supernatural skills that unlock as you level up your character. The first skill unlocks at Level 15, the second at 30, and the third at 50.

What Miracles Are Available?

The following miracles are currently available in the game.

  • Black Abscess
  • Glimmer Of Light
  • Illusion Eyes
  • Magician
  • Whisper Of Frost

What Is The Best Miracle?

By the ranking of our RPG Elevator Miracle tier list, the best Miracle to have is Black Abscess.

How Do I Get The Best Miracle?

Your actions in the tutorial area determine your miracle options later on.  The get Black Abscess, you need to save Haynes the Shopkeeper in the escape stage of the tutorial area after he is knocked out, you must also avoid being harmed yourself.

I Missed The Chance To Get The Miracle, What Should I do?

If you’re already out of the tutorial, don’t despair! You can reset your game by hitting the settings icon or the J key, and selecting the red ‘Erase Data’ option on the side of the window. Keep in mind this will fully reset your character, so make sure you’re certain!

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