PXLPLAY Is a Casual Arcade Game with 80+ Collectible Characters, Out Now on Mobile

The mobile app stores contain some of the most exciting and interesting games on the planet.

But they’re also home to vast and endlessly growing mountains of drek.

So when we read phrases like “Big Indie Pitch finalist” in a press release, we sit up and take notice.

Not only did PXLPLAY reach the finals of the prestigious Big Indie Pitch competition at Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle in 2023, but the studio behind the game Pixel Play LLC is a finalist in the Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards 2023, dominating in the Best Indie Developer category

Then it went on to be a finalist in Best Indie Developer category in the 2023 Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards.

So what’s all the noise about?

PXLPLAY is a casual retro arcade game in the tradition of Crossy Road, pairing intuitive and accessible gameplay with a clean, colorful 3D aesthetic.

Gameplaywise, PXLPLAY casts you as PXL, a cuboid character travelling along a randomly generating floating pathway made of blocks, collecting points in the form of little cubes.

Interestingly, this hovering platform contains right angles in abundance, and a major part of the challenge is simply changing direction before you plummet over the edge.

You change direction by tapping anywhere on the screen, and this same input also lets you activate special powers whenever you bounce over power-up panels.

Some of these make you shrink to squeeze under objects, or jump to vault over gaps. Others make you balloon in size, while others make you accelerate towards the end of the stage.

Each stage in PXLPLAY is completely random, keeping things fresh and challenging at all times.

But not too challenging. PXLPLAY is an emphatically casual game, rated for EVERYONE on Google Play and fully compliant with the Families Program. Your kids will enjoy it as much as you do.

There are leaderboards, too, along with more than 80 unique pixel characters and 40 achievements to collect.

You can download PXLPLAY for free right now on the Google Play Store or the App Store.

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