PowerWash Simulator aims for “most unexpected crossover” with free Tomb Raider DLC

2023 has only just begun and yet we will soon witness what must be the greatest crossover of the year — that of PowerWash Simulator and Tomb Raider, with free Tomb Raider DLC on the way to the power washing sim.

January 31st will introduce a new challenge to PowerWash Simulator, with the free Tomb Raider pack set to introduce a new campaign and levels where you become a “trusted friend” of Lara Croft. Intrigued? Slightly baffled? Us too — check out the trailer below.

PowerWash Simulator to get free Tomb Raider pack

“Any Tomb Raider fan knows that Lara’s adrenalised by the thrill of adventure, but for you, satisfaction comes in the form of a squeaky-clean surface,” Futurlab says. “You’ll ensure the Manor is in tip-top condition to host guests at one of Lara’s upcoming fundraising events, whilst she takes care of business elsewhere. As you prove yourself against Lady Croft’s exacting standards, you’ll transition from commissioned cleaner to trusted friend; being invited into more exclusive areas of the manor to clean treasures from around the world.”

The Tomb Raider pack will add a new mini campaign and five new levels, and you can access it when it arrives on January 31st by heading to the “Specials” section in the main menu.

PowerWash Simulator became hugely popular when it joined Xbox Game Pass last July, quickly joining the list of the best Xbox simulation games and our round-up of the biggest day-one Xbox Game Pass launches of 2022.

Will you be heading into PowerWash Simulator to clean Croft Manor on January 31st? Let us know in the comments!

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