Pizza Tower Characters – All Characters Listed

Looking for a list of Pizza Tower characters? We’ve got you covered. This guide contains a list of all the characters that are currently in the game. We’ve split the characters into their respective role in the game – playable and enemies! Make sure to bookmark this list to refer back to when playing the game.

Pizza Tower is a fantastically fast-paced platformer game. The game itself takes heavy inspiration from Wario Land – a fan favourite! Explore, attack, and run as you battle against a wide variety of enemies. The art style looks like a 90s cartoon, and the soundtrack is just as amazing. Jump into the action, and rise to the top!

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Pizza Tower Characters List

Now, let’s move on to the list of characters!

Playable Characters

  • Gustavo
  • Snick (SAGE 2019 Demo Exclusive)
  • Peppino (Main protagonist)
  • The Noise (Not released yet)


  • Pizza Boy
  • Cheeseslime
  • Forknight
  • Swedish Monkey
  • Mini John
  • Pillar John
  • Pepperoni Goblin
  • Pizza Box Goblin
  • Pencer
  • Flying Anchovy
  • Tribe Cheese
  • Kentucky Kenny
  • Bandito Chicken
  • Mushroom Ghost
  • Grandpa
  • Ghoul
  • Potato Farmer
  • Ranch Shooter
  • Eggplantmobile
  • Peasanto
  • Electric Potato
  • Bad Rat
  • Pineacool
  • Spit Cheese
  • Cannon Pizza Goblin
  • Captain Pizza Goblin
  • Treasure Chest Guy
  • Noise Goblin
  • Pickle
  • Pizzard
  • U.F.Olive
  • Olive Trooper
  • Greaseball
  • Golf Demon
  • Burger Golfer
  • Big Cheese
  • Noisey
  • Pizz Slug
  • Hamkuff
  • Shrimp Thug
  • Trash Pan
  • Ninja Slice
  • Mr. Pinch
  • Peppino Robot
  • Box Stamper
  • Grabbie Hand
  • Weenie
  • Snowman
  • Pizzice
  • Fake Santa
  • Ghost King
  • Ghostknight
  • Pepperoni Goblin Bat
  • Clownmato
  • Toppin Monsters
  • Patroller
  • Flying Patroller
  • Pizza Soldier
  • Cardboard Tank
  • Kentucky Bomber
  • Peppino Clone


Here’s the list of bosses that you can battle against in Pizza Tower. You should also take a look at our Pizza Tower bosses guide!

  • Meatball Boulder
  • Pizza Car
  • Camembert Squire
  • Piraneapple
  • Blue Shrimp Thug
  • Green Shrimp Thug
  • Mr. Car
  • Police Car

For more information about the game, visit the official Steam page or follow the official Twitter page.

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