Pilgrammed Cowboy Hat Guide – How To Boost Your Firing Speed

Looking to get that western style? Or just trying to improve your gunslinging abilities? Well don’t fear! Our Pilgrammed Cowboy Hat guide will show you the way, and let you decide whether you want to make the purchase before you start saving.

Pilgrammed is a Roblox game that gives you the chance to explore a wide-open and very hostile medieval world. There’s a complex combat system, tons of different weapons, lots of enemies and quests, and some weird NPCs.

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Pilgrammed Cowboy Hat Guide

Here we’ll try and answer anything you need to know about the Cowboy Hat, or Pilgrammed.

What Is The Cowboy Hat?

The Cowboy Hat is a piece of equipment that fits into the helmet slot on your character. It gives boosts to your stats when worn, which are listed below.

  • Intellect +6
  • Defense +4
  • Dexterity +12

What Special Skills Does The Cowboy Hat Give?

In addition to the stats the Cowboy Hat gives you, you’ll also get a special skill from the snazzy hat. When you use gun weapons, the hat gives a handy 25% shot speed boost after you hit an enemy.

How Can I Get The Cowboy Hat?

You can purchase the Cowboy Hat from NPC merchant Kennit, in Stonesurgeon, in the Savannah or Suslands area. The costs in material and gold are listed below.

  • 800 Gold
  • 1x Acute Lens
  • 8x Sulfur
  • 4x Brass

What Is Pilgrammed?

Pilgrammed is an experience on the popular Roblox platform. It’s an open-world action RPG with a full combat system. There are quests, enemies, and lots of different bosses to face up against. Mine ore, sail your boat across the seas, or team up with other players to help you face the dangerous world.

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