Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus LTE turns heroes into Greek gods

Heroes never die, and neither do Greek gods – not really, anyway. Blizzard has announced the Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus event for the FPS game, and it’s going to turn seven heroes into Olympian legends, complete with a set of reimagined abilities, in a free-for-all deathmatch mode that will run January 5-19.

Seven Overwatch heroes are transformed into Greek gods for Battle for Olympus. As you can see in the trailer below, Junker Queen takes on the role of Zeus, with lightning striking her foes during her rampage ability. New tank Ramattra is reimagined as Poseidon, with a swirling vortex that can lift enemies off the ground. Lucio takes a spin as the fleet-footed Hermes, while Roadhog gets to be the cyclops Polyphemus.

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Widowmaker looks pretty lethal as Medusa, with an ability that appears to freeze enemies in her scope during her ultimate.

Blizzard says it’ll be tallying up eliminations from each individual hero over the course of the event, and the hero with the most kills at the end will have a statue built in their honour in Ilios.

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