New Xbox game releases – February 13th to 19th

It’s another big one next week, as 16 new Xbox games launch for the platform, including Wild Hearts, Wanted: Dead, and Tales of Symphonia Remastered.

We’ve got several big new Xbox games launching next week! Kicking things off on the 14th, there is new hybrid slasher-shooter, Wanted: Dead. Then towards the end of the week on the 17th, we have legendary JRPG Tales of Symphonia coming to Xbox via a remaster and EA’s take on Monster Hunter, Wild Hearts.

From this page, you can view a game’s achievement list if it’s been released, subscribe to a game for news updates, add them to your wishlist, and even click through to the Microsoft Store to preorder or purchase. Here’s a breakdown of everything coming to the world of Xbox next week. Let us know which of these you’re planning on picking up in the comments!

February 14th

Ten Dates — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows

Ten Dates is the sequel to the interactive rom-com, Five Dates, taking place in the post-pandemic world.  Misha, a millennial from London in search of that elusive in-person connection, tricks her best friend Ryan into going to a speed dating event with her. Each with their own five potential matches, Misha and Ryan must pluck up the courage and turn on the charm to date wildly different personalities.

Wanted: Dead — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

Wanted: Dead is a new hybrid slasher/shooter from the makers of Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive. The game follows a week in life of the Zombie Unit, an elite Hong Kong police squad on a mission to uncover a major corporate conspiracy.

February 15th

Geometric Sniper – Blood in Paris — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

As a sniper, you’ll have to pay attention to the details and find the perfect moment to shoot. Your targets know they are wanted and will try to hide in a variety of ways. Have the patience to establish a clear shot, memorizing the information for each mission.

Game Modes:

Across 10 missions, every detail counts, from carefully observing mission information to finding the perfect opportunity to shoot.

Complete the 10 adventure missions without the help of zoom and precision.

Have fun with new challenges and earn money to pay damages to the family of the civilian that you mistakenly killed during the missions.

Find randomly generated targets on the map while snipers look for you.

Search for various objects scattered throughout these 10 missions and hit them before time runs out.

Launcher Heroes — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows

Launcher Heroes Xbox

Launcher Heroes is a tactical, artillery, party game where you try to knock your opponents off the world. Use an assortment of items such as bombs, rockets, and jetpacks to help you navigate and destroy the terrain.

Play locally or online (up to 6 players in total) in a variety of game modes including: Turn, Freeplay, and Adventure. In Turn mode, you and your opponents take turns to try and knock each other off the world. In Freeplay mode (only available in online matches), you and your opponents all move at the same time, allowing for a more hectic experience. In Adventure mode, work along side your friends (or play in solo mode) to defeat Skulloss and save the Blastopia.

Pocket Witch — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

Pocket Witch

Help the little witch escape a deadly dungeon in pixel art platforming style!

A little witch has been locked away in a dungeon filled with traps and deadly roving enemies, and it’s up to you to help her escape! Pocket Witch is a precision platformer presented in retro pixel art style, where the little titular witch must overcome a series of brainteasing single-screen challenges to thwart the evil sorcerer who imprisoned her.

Together with her flappy bat friend, the little witch will have to jump and air dash over wooden thorns and pools of acid, dodge flying blades, avoid magic spells and find keys to open gates. This witch may be little, but with your help, she can take on the biggest obstacles and escape to freedom!

W.A.R.P. — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

Your Starship is thrown at endless parsec of distance from the solar system !
Can you use the wormholes to come back to Earth in time to save the planet from a mysterious foes attack?

Face inertia, acceleration and gravity in a challenge that requires pinpoint accuracy and cold blood.
Use each weapon and even the space hazards to your advantage and face the most difficult trials.
The destiny of space-time is on your shoulders.

Three different modes: Adventure, Landing and Survival (Arena) for different challenges!

February 16th

Natural Instincts — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

Protect the environment, and save it from harm! Give commands to the animals, observe their rituals and help them survive. Face different disasters, react to human presence and help the animal kingdom flourish in this unique, environmental experience!

Pinball FX — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

February 17th

CometStriker DX — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows

CometStriker DX is an arcade action shooter featuring dodging, strategic power-ups and intense boss fights!

A world devouring, living space station has set its sights on your planet! Help Lt. Comet Striker on his journey to recover the Ancient Power Cores from various worlds in order to power the Planetary Defense Cannon, his world’s only hope against this cosmic menace!

Dark Burial: Enhanced Edition — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows

You play as a sentinel who needs to fight first squads of the enemies and light signal fires. The sentinel can shoot arrows from his crossbow and use shot arrow as a platform.

Gigantosaurus: Dino Kart — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

Be your favourite dino and speed around Cretacia in a kart championship that’s almost as big as Gigantosaurus’s appetite! With 15 tracks full of awesome power-ups and obstacles, help for younger players, and up to 4 players in split-screen play, the whole family can join this prehistoric racing party!

Rise of Fox Hero — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

Rise of Fox Hero is a colorful 3D platformer with fun combat and puzzle elements. Armed with a sword and a shield, jump and fight your way through beautiful and colorful levels.

Road Stones — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

Discover the true power of magical crystals in Road Stones! By any means necessary stop the hordes of undead monsters with their sole aim to destroy any living souls. Try to be the brave and bold hero that is desperately needed in this monster-infested kingdom.

Become the savior in this action-packed strategy combining arcade and strategy gameplay inspired by the “tower defense” genre. Stop the evil-doers and then return to your magical tower and chill a bit until any next time the world will need your services once again!

Rooftop Renegade — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

Rooftop renegade is an action platformer all about speed & flow. Outrun capture through futuristic skyscrapers channelling powerful abilities from your hoverblades. Boost through levels under constant bombardment, avoid dangerous hazards and make split second decisions that mean the difference between a new personal best or total wipeout.

Fast And Fluid Gameplay
Master precise controls and smooth physics to get into the zone. Blast through levels at high speeds while chaining together abilities and making split-second pathway decisions. Pursued by the sinister Globacorp, avoid capture while avoiding hazards and traps caused by incoming fire from gunners.

Everybody Runs, Everybody Guns
Gear up to take on challenging levels alone or grab some controllers to disrupt your friends in chaotic offline multiplayer Take turns in up to 3v1 asymmetric rounds to set your best time as the runner while your rivals disrupt you, then take control of the gunner to defend your record.

Mix it Up
Create new challenges with seed-based generator mode. Enter a keyword to dynamically generate a new level from a variety of worlds, layouts, hazards, and enemy combinations. Pick your perfect loadout and dive into a new run to master.

Tales of Symphonia Remastered — Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

Wild Hearts — Xbox Series X|S

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