Multiplayer espionage game Deceive Inc. comes to Xbox in March

Deceive Inc. brings its chaotic espionage gameplay to Xbox Series X|S in March, pitting players against each other as super spies after the same package. Get in, grab your objective, and get out… alive.

If you’re feeling like the team-on-team-based gameplay found in some of the best Xbox first-person shooter games is feeling a little monotonous at the moment, then Sweet Bandit Studios’ Deceive Inc. could prove to be a good change of pace. It’s an espionage-style multiplayer game that favours your ability to outsmart your opponents over raw power, and it’s coming to Xbox Series X|S on March 21st.

Deceive Inc. release date trailer

In Deceive Inc., only one player can win the match, so effectively deceiving your opponents, remaining as hidden as possible, and using the variety of spy gadgets at your disposal is paramount. Each player is given the same objective and will choose from eight available agents with a myriad of gadgets to tackle it with. You’ll need to use disguises, make the most of your agent’s skills and equipment, and watch out for the other players that are doing the same thing… all while tracking down the objective. Once it’s in your possession, you’ll need to use speed and guile to safely extract from the game and achieve victory.

It sounds like a pretty cool twist on the multiplayer format, and if it’s something you’d like to play yourself, you won’t have to wait long because it’s coming to Xbox Series X|S on March 21st. However, if you’d like to experience it a little sooner, Sweet Bandit will be hosting a cross-platform open beta between March 10th and March 13th.

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