Minecraft Legends Mounts Guide – Everything You Need To Know!

Minecraft Legends takes everything you thought you knew about mounts and flips it upside down. They work similarly, yet so differently, from regular Minecraft. They’re also a really important aspect of the game, which is why we’ve created a Minecraft Legends Mounts guide, where we’ll dive into the different mounts, discussing the differences between each.

In Minecraft Legends, you play as dwellers of the Overworld. Your job is to stop the zombie pig men from corrupting the Overworld, as they cross over from the Nether. Adding new lore to the Minecraft canon, Minecraft Legends brings a never before seen competitive nature to the game. There’s a campaign that you can play through with up to three friends. If you’re looking to dive into that competitive side of the game that was mentioned earlier, try out the versus mode with up to seven other friends.

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Minecraft Legends Mounts

There’s quite a few different mounts in Minecraft Legends, and they all have their own area of expertise. We’ll now go through each one, discussing just that!


The horse is the first mount that you’ll use when you first start the game. It’s fairly fast, and it won’t run out of stamina, making it a great means of transportaion.


The bird gets a lot of praise for perhaps being the most versatile mount. While they exceed in travelling through the sky, they also perform fantastically on the ground, gaining quite a bit of speed.

Spawn Location/Biome: Jagged Peaks


While this is definitely the slowest mount in the game, the beetle is an exceptional climber, allowing you to traverse any surface, no matter the angle. Don’t worry if you’re afraid of heights – they’ve got a gliding ability to help lessen the impact of any falling!

Spawn Location/Biome: Jungle


Beating the horse, the tiger is the fastest mount in the game. Unfortunately, the tiger’s weakness is that it gets tired, so make sure you account for that when blasting through landscapes!

Spawn Location/Biome: Dry Savanna

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