Marvel’s Avengers gets final update today ahead of September delisting

Marvel’s Avengers gets its final update today before support for the superhero action-RPG ends in September. Almost all Marketplace content has been unlocked for all players in this final stretch to the upcoming delisting.

Crystal Dynamics announced earlier this year that it would be ending support for Marvel’s Avengers in September, and today marks the game’s last major planned update ahead of the game being shelved by the devs and delisted, with the patch reportedly weighing in at a cool 77GB on Xbox Series X. The action-RPG should apparently still be playable after its September 30th store removal — the FAQ states that “all content that is available for solo play will continue to be available” after that time, which should mean no achievements are affected for the foreseeable future — but with no further fixes or content due beyond that date, you might want to get the completion wrapped up sooner rather than later, just to be on the safe side. See you in the Hives… urgh.

Final update for Marvel’s Avengers arrives today

A rather optimistic tweet about the update mentions “final buffs that will make Heroes feel more powerful as you continue to enjoy Marvel’s Avengers in the future,” which comes across a little cheeky when you actually look at the notes and see that these ‘buffs’ largely take the form of bug fixes that bring many previously busted Hero abilities in line with where they were supposed to be, although in fairness, there are also some actual changes that should help us feel more powerful, too. Artifact stats and cooldowns have been improved, for instance, while endgame gear should be a bit easier to earn and upgrade thanks to removals of some restrictions and reductions to costs. Plus, you’ll be able to use pretty much any outfits or other cosmetics you like, as the vast majority of Marketplace, Shipment, and Challenge Card unlockables have been made available to everyone, with the Shipment and Challenge Card mechanics scrapped as a result.

If you haven’t started on them yet, the Marvel’s Avengers achievements have a completion estimate of around 100-120 hours and involve a fair bit of grinding. Anyone with at least one achievement unlocked in the game before April 1st will also receive Iron Man’s new War Machine-inspired Variable Threat Response Battle Suit outfit seen in the trailer above. Marvel’s Avengers is currently available with Xbox Game Pass, though with a delisting coming in six months, it’s safe to say that its days in the service are numbered.

Will you be jumping back into Marvel’s Avengers now that everything is unlocked? What have been your thoughts on the game so far? Let us know, true believers!

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