Luck Be A Landlord Essences – All Essences Listed

Looking for a list of Luck Be A Landlord essences? Not entirely sure what they are? Well, fret not, for you’re in exactly the right place! In this guide, we plan to put all mystery surrounding essences to bed, including a complete list of them, what each of them do, and what the purpose of essences is in the first place.

What’s Luck Be A Landlord? Well, it’s a roguelike deckbuilder that challenges you to earn enough money to pay the rent, lest you get kicked out of your apartment. However, it doesn’t work like it does in real life. You have to spin a slot machine in order to earn cash. At set intervals, you earn new symbols that you can add to the slot machine, with each one providing different effects. Do you have what it takes to pay your rent and defeat your landlord?

Well, you can find out more about the game on Steam. If you fancy another good PC game to play, we recommend playing Potion Craft. We’ve got you covered with a bunch of guides, including Potion Craft customers, Potion Craft effects, Potion Craft map, Potion Craft recipes, Potion Craft talents, and Potion Craft shop upgrades.

Luck Be A Landlord Essences

First, we’ll go through a list of essences that you can unlock in Luck Be A Landlord.

  • 5th Ace Essence
  • Adoption Papers Essence
  • Ancient Lizard Blade Essence
  • Anthropology Degree Essence
  • Barrel of Dwarves Essence
  • Big Symbol Bomb Essence
  • Birdhouse Essence
  • Black Cat Essence
  • Black Pepper Essence
  • Black Suits Essence
  • Blue Pepper Essence
  • Booster Pack Essence
  • Bowling Ball Essence
  • Brown Pepper Essence
  • Capsule Machine Essence
  • Cardboard Box Essence
  • Checkered Flag Essence
  • Chicken Coop Essence
  • Chili Powder Essence
  • Cleaning Rag Essence
  • Clear Sky Essence
  • Coffee Essence
  • Coin on a String Essence
  • Comfy Pillow Essence
  • Compost Heap Essence
  • Conveyer Belt Essence
  • Copycat Essence
  • Credit Card Essence
  • Cursed Katana Essence
  • Cyan Pepper Essence
  • Dark Humor Essence
  • Devil’s Deal Essence
  • Dishwasher Essence
  • Dwarven Anvil Essence
  • Egg Carton Essence
  • Fertilizer Essence
  • Fish Tank Essence
  • Flush Essence
  • Four-leaf Clover Essence
  • Frozen Pizza Essence
  • Fruit Basket Essence
  • Frying Pan Essence
  • Golden Carrot Essence
  • Goldilocks Essence
  • Grave Robber Essence
  • Gray Pepper Essence
  • Green Pepper Essence
  • Guillotine Essence
  • Happy Hour Essence
  • Holy Water Essence
  • Horseshoe Essence
  • Instant Ramen Essence
  • Jack-O’-Lantern Essence
  • Kyle the Kernite Essence
  • Lefty the Rabbit Essence
  • Lemon Essence
  • Lime Pepper Essence
  • Lint Roller Essence
  • Lockpick Essence
  • Looting Glove Essence
  • Lucky Carrot Essence
  • Lucky Cat Essence
  • Lucky Dice Essence
  • Lucky Seven Essence
  • Lunchbox Essence
  • Maxwell the Bear Essence
  • Mining Pick Essence
  • Mobius Strip Essence
  • Ninja and Mouse Essence
  • Nori the Rabbit Essence
  • Oil Can Essence
  • Oswald the Monkey Essence
  • Piggy Bank Essence
  • Pink Pepper Essence
  • Pizza the Cat Essence
  • Pool Ball Essence
  • Popsicle Essence
  • Protractor Essence
  • Purple Pepper Essence
  • Quantum Symbol Bomb Essence
  • Quigley the Wolf Essence
  • Quiver Essence
  • Rain Cloud Essence
  • Recycling Essence
  • Red Pepper Essence
  • Red Suits Essence
  • Reroll Essence
  • Ricky the Banana Essence
  • Ritual Candle Essence
  • Rusty Gear Essence
  • Shattered Mirror Essence
  • Shedding Season Essence
  • Shrine Essence
  • Small Symbol Bomb Essence
  • Sunglasses Essence
  • Swapping Device Essence
  • Swear Jar Essence
  • Tax Evasion Essence
  • Telescope Essence
  • The Tortoise and the Hare Essence
  • Time Machine Essence
  • Treasure map Essence
  • Triple Coins Essence
  • Undertaker Essence
  • Very Big Symbol Bomb Essence
  • Void Party Essence
  • Void Portal Essence
  • Wanted Poster Essence
  • Watering Can Essence
  • White Pepper Essence
  • X-Ray Machine Essence
  • Yellow Pepper Essence
  • Zaroff’s Contract Essence

Luck Be A Landlord Essences FAQ

Now, we’ll answer a bunch of questions you may have regarding Luck Be A Landlord and essences in general.

What Is Luck Be A Landlord?

Luck Be A Landlord is a roguelike slots game that challenges you to spin on a slots machine to earn cash. Intermittently, your landlord will pop in and demand your rent. If you have enough cash, you can pay them and move on. If not, you’re evicted – oops!

However, this is no typical slots game. As you progress, you earn new symbols that you can place on the machine, with each having their own effect. That helps keep you on your toes.

What Are Essences?

Essences are items in Luck Be A Landlord that you unlock after beating seven games. There are a total of 113 of them in the game, and you unlock them by losing ‘Essence Tokens’ at the end of a rent cycle.

Essences are like special items that provide you with effects when they are destroyed, which happens after you meet certain conditions. Some effects happen prior to being destroyed also, so effects do vary.

How Do I Unlock Essences?

You unlock Essences each rent cycle, by losing Essence Tokens. Well, lose is probably the wrong word, as your landlord actually steals them. Depending on how many are stolen, you get to choose an Essence.

Or, if you’re wondering how to unlock the feature in general, you first need to win a game on floor six, or seven games in total – whichever comes first.

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