Logitech G Fits [Hardware] Review – All In One Solution?

Headphones dedicated to gaming are becoming an increasingly competitive market, but the Logitech G Fits are one of the most eye-catching entries in this area.

Perhaps as they’re looking to work not just well for gaming, but in fact everything you use headphones for. How successful are they in doing this? More than we expected, we’ll be honest.

In terms of connectivity they can pair with your phone, but there’s also a dongle provided so you can use them with your PC – and then there’s a low latency bluetooth mode too. Taps on the side of either earbud allows you to easily switch between Bluetooth and Lightspeed modes.

But what really sets these apart from its rivals are a feature called Lightform, which shape the earbuds to your ears – in practice giving you a custom fit to your ears, and your ears alone. 

In the box they’re not in the case either, but sealed inside another package entirely – this is because they’re sensitive to the atmosphere, and will harden before they have a chance to adjust to the shape of your ears. And yes, this is all a bit weird – but the final result is just about worth it. 

Boasting a thinner pill-shaped look, the Logitech G Fits are distinctly unusual looking – but in our opinion are not unpleasant, and once you’ve paired them to your phone (via a custom app) the process to create your custom fit begins.

The app you use to pair plays music during the process, as you adjust the buds until the sound is the loudest. It’s like an eye test, but for the ears. 

Once the moulding is complete, which is an odd process we won’t lie, we actually liked the feel of these. 

We have used them for a fair while now – several weeks now in fact – and found them useful for a range of purposes. For gaming and work they function well, but even when we did a rare bit of exercise they held firm and didn’t feel uncomfortable.

As for audio quality, these are neither top end nor bargain bin. The fact they’ve been designed for multiple uses perhaps means this is no surprise. They’re not as bass heavy as some of the other headphones we’ve reviewed on Gamezebo, and we actually found this worked better for games – which obviously made us happy when we were using them on our smartphone and then the Switch. The lack of noise cancellation was a shame however.

We briefly used these for voicechat in-game and they worked well though, even if the quality was much better when the Lightspeed dongle was used over a bluetooth connection.

Overall the Logitech G Fits are perhaps a little pricey considering the omission of certain functions – such as wireless charging and noise cancellation – but the Lightform element is far more than a gimmick, and the solid battery life mean these are a good choice if you’re looking for Headphones that can serve you while gaming but also elsewhere. 

 You can find the Logitech G Fits on the official Logitech site here.

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