Knight Squad and Aftercharge developer announces studio shutdown

Chainsawesome Games, the developer behind Knight Squad and Aftercharge, has announced that due to financial and emotional pressures, the studio is shutting down.

A sad way to end the day; Chainsawesome Games is shutting its doors due to the financial and emotional pressures brought on by the “failure of Aftercharge and the average success of Knight Squad 2.”

Chainsawesome Games announces studio closure

It is with a broken heart that we have to announce that Chainsawesome Games is shutting down. The failure of Aftercharge and the average success of Knight Squad 2 put too much pressure on us financially and emotionally and our new prototype did not meet our expectations. We concluded that it was time to move on and say goodbye.

We want to thank everyone in this community for your support through all those years. You gave us the motivation to create innovative new games and push our limits. We will always remember the fun we had when we developed Aftercharge with your help and when we played all together during the playtest sessions. We wouldn’t have made it this far without you and we will forever be grateful for your dedication towards our studio.

We will miss you all.
The Chainsawesome team

In a post on the developer’s Discord channel, Chainsawesome Games announced that it’ll be shutting down, although a specific date hasn’t been revealed. The studio says that its most recent release, Knight Squad 2, was met with only reasonable success, which is a shame because they’re fun split-screen games; perfect for playing with younger children. Aftercharge’s servers were closed a little while back and the game was delisted from the Xbox Store alongside it. All existing Aftershock players were sent in-game currency at the time, so they could make the most of the time they had remaining and finish it, while the team even gave out codes for the game to help achievement hunters who had started it while it was in Game Pass get the completion done before the shutdown.

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