It Takes Two leaps past ten million copies sold

Hazelight’s co-op platformer It Takes Two has reportedly been a roaring success for the studio — it has just announced that the popular two-player adventure has passed the ten million copies sold milestone.

It Takes Two is one of the best EA Play games, but it seems it has done extremely well even without the subscription service. Today, developer Hazelight took to social media to announce that the co-op adventure has passed ten million copies sold.

It Takes Two passes ten million sales

As the tweet mentions, ten million sold will actually equate to many more than that having played the game. Not only is it available in EA Play for subscribers and Game Pass Ultimate members, but owners can use the Friend Pass to let a buddy join them on the adventure without them having to purchase the game, so millions more will have been able to enjoy this well-received follow-up to Hazelight’s previous co-op game, A Way Out.

Glad to see It Takes Two doing so well? What did you make of the game, if you’re among the millions who have now played it? Let us know!

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