Go! Go! PogoGirl On Its Way To Consoles

2D retro-styled platformer Go! Go! PogoGirl from Ratalaika Games and Ohsat Games is launching on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch on February 10. Come check it out!

Go! Go! PogoGirl is a dynamic, cute and wholesome platformer about a girl and her pogo stick.

Bounce your way through the world, collect gems and then bounce some more! It’s a love letter to 1990s era platformers with colorful graphics, idle animations and fluid gameplay.

The game even features secret push-button codes like in the old days.

Never stop bouncing, never stop platforming!

Go! Go! PogoGirl Review - 4

Go! Go! PogoGirl Features:

* Pogo-powered platforming gameplay

* 4 seasons with 5 levels each

* Bouncy boss fights

* Amazing artwork and soundtrack

* Hidden gems, levels and features

We’ll be working on a review for Go! Go! PogoGirl from Ratalaika Games and Ohsat Games, so be sure to stick around at PS4Blog.net!

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