Gloria Victis Leveling Guide – Everything You Need To Know

Struggling with leveling up on Gloria Victis? Then you’ve come to the right place – we’ve created a Gloria Victis leveling guide to assist you. We’ll cover how to level up quick, what you can do at each level, as well as some of the quests you can complete once you hit level 46.

Gloria Victis is a Medieval survival MMORPG that focuses on the realism of the world. The game features an interesting non-target combat system that allows you to take more control over your fights with other players. There’s also a complex crafting system, and a player-driven economy.

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Gloria Victis Leveling

We’ll now dive into the guide at hand. We’ll split it up into a few different sections to make processing it easier for you.


As Gloria Victis is an MMORPG, there’s a leveling system that goes all the way to level 100. The system refers to activities and events that are designed for different levels. This guide aims to present what you can do, depending on your level, as well as some tips on how to level up quicker.

Level 1-45

It seems like a big jump, but getting from your first level all the way up to level 45 isn’t actually too difficult.

When you first start the game, you’ll be tasked with completing a series of tutorial quests. If you have low patience, you might have the urge to skip past these quests or just ignore them completely. However, we encourage that you do complete them, because by the end of it all, you should come out at around level 45. That’s already almost half of max level!

Level 46-60

After you’ve completed the tutorial quests, you’ll be open to selecting your own quests through the quest chain. Completing these quests should take you all the way from level 46 to 60. We’ll list the quests below…

  • A Bitter Taste of Vengeance For Sangmar
  • Crafting Training
  • Meet Me on the Battlefield
  • Hunting Monsters
  • The Adventurous Four
  • A Curse in Disguise
  • Paper More Valuable than Life
  • The One Ring To Rule Them All

Once the chain ends, you’ve got to become a bit creative with how you level up, but don’t worry – we’ll cover that!

Level 60-100

As stated earlier, now that you’ve completed the quest chain, you’re left up to your own devices on how to level up. Due to the non linear nature of reaching the maximum level, we’ll list some activities below which are quite good for getting your XP up!

All of the following activities will give you XP:

  • Finding treasure
  • Nationwide buffs
  • Participating in group fights
  • Completing repeatable solo events such as Time to Hunt
  • Filling the Bastion
  • Completing repeatable world events such as Valley of Death Tournament
  • Killing players
  • Participating in daily challenges
  • Fishing
  • Using experience cards
  • Completing repeatable small group events such as Kill the Spy
  • Crafting
  • Someone from your nation captures a flag
  • Using potions

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