Gamezebo at GDC 2023: Day Two Diary

Day two of GDC is off to a strong start, with a number of exciting meetings planned. So, stay tuned on Gamezebo for the most exciting announcements and game reveals as they come in. We’ll update this post as soon as we can following a meeting, though there may be some delay. Our planner is pretty stacked as it is.

To check out yesterday’s coverage, check out our Gamezebo at GDC 2023: Day One Diary. We’re still filling it out today with notes from yesterday’s meeting as well, so it’s best to bookmark both stories and check out both throughout the day.

Also, Adele and Meriel are still hard at work on bring you fresh content for the latest releases. So stay tuned on Gamezebo. Our sister site, Droid Gamers, is also covering all of the latest mobile gaming stories, so check that out as well.

Moonstone Island

We were lucky enough to get the chance to sit down with Sandy from Studio Supersoft to talk about Moonstone Island! The game is a pixel life simulator that takes inspiration from games such as Pokémon, Zelda, and Stardew Valley. Moonstone Island features an awesome campaign that delves into some truly unique world building, but we’ll get into that!

After a cataclysmic event hit earth, islands have shot into the sky. You start off on one of these islands – Moonstone Island – and from there, you’ll branch out. Your goal is to appease the Ancient Spirits, who have appeared since the epidemic, by banishing them from the randomised islands.

As this is a life simulator, there’s a wide variety of dates that you can go on. The NPCs live in small towns dotted around the map, and you have the option to romance them! Or not – but that’s the beauty of the game – you can choose to play as a sociable character, or situate yourself far from civilisation.

The game features over 70 hours of content, and it arrives this year on PC, Mac, and Switch!


Friends Vs Friends

Friends Vs Friends is an upcoming FPS game that has peaked our interest here at Gamezebo! The game adapts a colourful, comic book-style aesthetic that calls back to the glory days of Borderlands. But that’s not where the fun ends!

The game puts – as you would imagine – friends against friends. Compete with your chums in short 1v1s, or even 2v2s, across a range of maps that take full advantage of moving environments. (A cracking example of this is when I got killed by a train in a subway!) Collect a plethora of unique cards and abilities and build a powerful deck – a mechanic that’s taken great inspiration from Hearthstone. With this deck, you’ll unleash a world of chaos on your enemies to further your advantage, such as making their head temporarily bigger, or even taking away their jump ability!

The developer, Brainwash Gang, don’t have an official release date set in stone just yet, but they’re confident that it will be arriving on PC this year! Add Friends Vs Friends to your wishlist on Steam now.


Fist Of The Forgotten

Lone Wulf Studios LCC presents: Fist Of The Forgotten. The game is a side scrolling adventure game where you’ll swing, jump, punch, and slide your way through a dystopia. The remnants of civilisation are coloured beautifully in bleak, cold colours, highlighting the isolating atmosphere.

But the loneliness isn’t the only thing that you’re up against; you’ll have to fight enemies using your mechanical arm, unlocking new abilities. The game also follows up the intricate level design with intimidating boss fights that will push you to your limits, forcing you to find new ways to destroy your oponents!

Fist Of The Forgotten arrives on Steam soon – make sure to add it to your wishlist!


Stray Souls

Stray Souls is definitely the scariest game that we’ve seen at GDC this year! If you’re into horror games, then keep an eye on this one…

After Daniel inherits his grandma’s house, he moves in, thinking he can finally experience a house of his own. He soon realises that his grandma isn’t who he thought she was at all, as he’s swarmed by paranormal apparitions.

To make things even worse, a cult that Daniel’s grandma was associated with is suddenly on his back, and he finds himself drowning in the bleak, dark world that Jukai Studio has created.

Luckily, Daniel’s backed up by his long-lost sister Martha, and together they attempt to uncover the truth surrounding Aspen Falls.

Featuring survival horror gameplay, and taking inspiration from classics such as Silent Hill 2, Resident Evil, and Alan Wake, Stray Souls releases fall 2023 on PS4/5, Xbox One/Series X, and PC. Check the game out on Steam now, and make sure to add it to your wishlist!


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