“Game Pass was a huge value-add”

High On Life has had a highly successful launch into Xbox Game Pass, and creator Justin Roiland has discussed the impact of the service, and how it is a “powerful tool.”

For a game that only launched last week, High On Life is doing incredibly well for itself, and its Game Pass success looks ready to catapult it onto the list of the best games on Game Pass. Creator Justin Roiland has discussed the impact of Xbox Game Pass as a service in more detail.

high on life game pass

High On Life creator Justin Roiland says Game Pass is a “powerful tool”

Speaking on the Xbox podcast (thanks, Xbox Wire), Roiland discusses how he researched Game Pass beforehand. “I spoke with a handful of other studio folks who did Game Pass, and I ultimately came to the conclusion based off of what I had heard that it is — it’s a value-add. Because essentially, there’s a lot of people that would otherwise not have picked up the game and played it,” Roiland says. “If someone’s on the fence or raising an eyebrow, what is this thing? And if they’re a Game Pass subscriber, well, they can just download it and dive in.”

Interestingly, while noting that Game Pass is “a powerful tool to get a lot of reach” and explaining how “that’s what I gathered in doing my due diligence on it on my own,” Roiland adds that “a lot of folks told me that non-Game Pass games that they ship versus Game Pass games, [they get] 7x sales.”

Roiland also adds that as an indie studio, the team “do want a war chest to make a bunch more fun crazy games. And that was of consideration for us. It’s like, ‘OK, we really want this game to get out there. We want it to do. We want sales to do well.’”

High On Life has already broken several Game Pass records — what are your thoughts on the game? Let us know in the comments!

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