Fountain of Youth bringing 16th-century surviving experience to Xbox Series X|S

Survival: Fountain of Youth is the upcoming first-person survival experience from Odinsoft, which will put you in the shoes of a shipwreck survivor on a 16th-century Caribbean island when it comes to Xbox Series X|S.

If the likes of Stranded Deep and some of the best Xbox action-adventure games have given you a craving for more escapades on a tropical island, look no further than Survival: Fountain of Youth which will head to Xbox Series X|S after spending some time in Steam Early Access, according to the press release.

Survival: Fountain of Youth heading to Xbox Series X|S after Steam Early Access

Twin Sails Interactive has announced that it’ll be publishing Odinsoft’s survival game on Steam Early Access in Q2 2023, and players can look forward to playing on Xbox Series X|S at a later date when the game receives a full launch. According to developer Odinsoft, it’s an “open-world survival crafting experience,” which puts us in the shoes of a 16th-century expedition member looking for the Fountain of Youth who’s unfortunately been shipwrecked on a Caribbean Island. After regaining consciousness, you’ll need to build a base of operations, craft weaponry and equipment, locate food and water, overcome diseases, and attempt to not be eaten by the archipelago’s fauna, all while attempting to locate your missing crew.

The game takes place across two expansive zones that you can explore by foot and by boat, including a late-game Spanish schooner, to uncover the secrets hidden within. It sounds like Odinsoft is aiming for an immersive single-player experience with this one, and with the game’s early access period on Steam, the final product that lands on console will hopefully be the survival experience we crave.

Survival: Fountain of Youth will enter Steam Early Access in Q2 2023, with an Xbox Series X|S launch expected at a later date. We’ll let you know once we have some more information about it. For now, we’d love to know your thoughts on the game. Drop down below and let us know!

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