Forza Motorsport will be the “most accessible” franchise entry yet

Turn 10 Studios has revealed some of the accessibility features that will be available in Forza Motorsport, which includes the likes of Blind Driving Assists, making it the “most accessible” entry into the franchise yet.

Following the news that Forza Motorsport is now in the polishing stages, Turn 10 Studios has now discussed many of the accessibility features that will be available when the game launches later this year, and why it’ll be the “most accessible” Forza Motorsport game to date.

Forza Motorsport Blind Driving Assists trailer

In a post on Xbox Wire, gameplay and accessibility producer Neha Chintala revealed the series-first feature, Blind Driving Assists (BDA). Turn 10 worked closely with Brandon Cole, an accessibility consultant and blind gamer, and many others from the community to develop the incredible feature. Blind Driving Assists provide a set of supplemental audio cues that give low or no-vision players a way to make their own driving decisions. Some of the relayed audio cues will tell players about their position and orientation on a track, their approach and progress through turns, and more. All of the cues will be detailed within Forza Motorsport’s accessibility menu so players can learn what each means before they begin racing, but Turn 10 says it’s not a pick-up-and-play feature, so expect a bit of a learning curve.

On top of the Blind Driving Assists, One Touch Driving and Screen Narration will be available as well. One Touch Driving is designed to allow players to use as many buttons as they need, depending on their mobility and stamina abilities. Whether you need assistance with automatic shifting, enhanced braking or steering assists, or throttle and pit-entry assist, Turn 10 has said that it’ll be more customisable than ever before. As for Screen Narration, you’ll be able to choose the narrator’s voice and have it relay information like volume, pitch, and speed controls to you, as well as more customisable features like reading list positions, navigational keywords, button hints, and more.

Check out the Xbox Wire post to find out about even more accessibility features that will be available in the upcoming racing game. We don’t currently have a Forza Motorsport release date, but Turn 10 has said it’ll be “later this year.”

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