Five games already confirmed for Game Pass next month

Somehow, we’re almost at the end of 2022. January 2023 looms ahead, meaning a new month of Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass additions will be arriving soon. Here’s everything we know is coming to Game Pass in January 2023 so far…

We’re still ahead of Microsoft’s announcement of the first wave of games to join Game Pass next month, but we checked our list of games coming to Game Pass in 2023 and beyond, which includes previous announcements of future additions, so we know five titles which are definitely set to join Game Pass in January 2023.

Persona 3 Portable — January 19th, 2023 (console/PC)

Persona 3 Portable sees our character transfer to Gekkoukan High School, where they soon find out about a bizarre Dark Hour in which the world changes entirely and the Shadows monsters are unleashed. Upon discovering their Persona, our character sets out to uncover the secrets of the Dark Hour.

Persona 4 Golden — January 19th, 2023 (console/PC)

On the same day, we get Persona 4 Golden, which sees our character moving to the town of Inaba only to discover a strange series of murders and more Shadows. Once again, they must split their time between a busy school life and investigating these murders.

Monster Hunter Rise — January 20th, 2023 (console/PC)

Then we get the massive Monster Hunter Rise, an action-RPG offering hundreds of hours of entertainment as well as new monsters and the new Palamute companions as you take down monsters of all shapes and sizes, choosing the best weapons for each and using the materials you earn to upgrade yourself still further.

Inkulinati — January 31st, 2023 (console/PC)

Inkulinati launches with Xbox Game Preview at the end of January. It’s a wacky game that’s all about embracing its silly side — as the devs said in our Inkulinati interview, “”We can’t let seriousness invade achievements” — and sees you take part in battles waged across the pages of medieval manuscripts, using the Living Ink to build a bestiary of bizarre beasts to ensure your victory.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition — January 31st, 2023 (console)

Beloved RTS Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition arrives for Xbox on the same day as Inkulinati, with a new tutorial all about controller input and over 80 maps, 42 civilisations, ten multiplayer modes, and more.

That’s everything that’s confirmed to join Game Pass in January 2023 — but there’s also the fact that several games are meant to join the service sometime this winter, so it’s possible we could also see puzzle game Maquette, action-adventure game Solar Ash, and Nineties crime adventure The Big Con arrive for Game Pass soon too. Plus, action-adventure game Thirsty Suitors has been left at “coming soon” for a while now — and there’s still no word on when Hot Wheels Unleashed – Game of the Year Edition will arrive too.

Which of January’s additions are you most interested in so far? Let us know in the comments!

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