FFXIV Job Guide – All Jobs and Classes

Looking for a FFXIV job guide? Look no further, we’ve made one right here! As avid fans of the game ourselves, we created a handy guide for each job in the MMORPG. Whether you’re a healer, DPS, or tank, we’ve covered each one in detail! Make sure to bookmark this page when trying out new jobs.

FFXIV is one of the most popular MMOs out there at the moment. It’s got an incredibly loyal fanbase, and hours upon hours of content to play through. Whether you prefer the more casual side of the game, or you want to try out the hardcore content, there’s always something to do. Meet new people, join a Free Company, and enjoy the beautiful story of FFXIV.

You can learn more about the game on the official website.

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FFXIV Job Guide

Now, let’s move on to the job guide! Get some popcorn and a drink, it’s gonna be a long one.


At the moment, there’s only 4 tank roles in FFXIV, making it pretty limited for tank mains! Take a look down below for our guide on tanks, and the prerequisite jobs.

Tank Role Actions

  • Rampart
  • Low Blow
  • Provoke
  • Interject
  • Reprisal
  • Arm’s Length
  • Shirk

Dark Knight

Deemed as the “edgy” tank, Dark Knight is a popular choice for players. While it isn’t unlocked until you reach level 50 (and get to the Heavensward expansion), it’s a blast! The weapons are cool, the gear is awesome, and the storyline for the job is amazing.

  • How to Unlock
    • No base class
    • Minimum level 50 character
    • Reach the Heavensward expansion and progress through the main storyline until you get to the new area, Ishgard
Blood Gauge

Once you unlock the ability Grit, you’ll also unlock Blackblood shortly after. Once you’ve obtained Blackblood, you’ll get the Blood Gauge.

The Blood Gauge fills up depending on how much Blackblood you’ve accumulated. The more the Blood Gauge is filled, the more actions you can perform that rely on Blackblood, such as Bloodspiller and Quietus.

Darkside Gauge

Once you learn the ability, Flood of Darkness, you’ll unlock a secondary gauge called the Darkside Gauge.

This gauge shows you the amount of time your Darkside has got left. Darkside increases your overall damage and its duration can be extended by using Flood of Darkness, and Edge of Darkness.

When you learn the ability The Blackest Night, your Darkside Gauge will obtain another symbol. This symbol indicates the Dark Arts.

Dark Arts is granted when The Blackest Night’s barrier is absorbed completely. Dark Arts can be used to perform Edge of Darkness or Flood of Darkness without using MP.

As you level up, you’ll eventually unlock Living Shadow. This is a simulacrum of your character and it can fight alongside you. The duration of this simulacrum is displayed in red on your Darkside Gauge.





Now, there are 3 categories of DPS in FFXIV. We’ve split the jobs up into their respective category, as well as listing prerequisite jobs too.


Melee Role Actions

  • Second Wind
  • Leg Sweep
  • Bloodbath
  • Feint
  • Arm’s Length
  • True North

Another example of an “edgier” class in FFXIV, Reaper is one of the latest jobs to be added to the MMORPG. It’s a fantastic melee job that allows you to become an actual reaper, and the job has some pretty deep lore!

  • How to unlock:
    • Have a character with a job levelled to 70
    • Own the Endwalker expansion
Soul and Shroud Gauge

As you level Reaper, you’ll unlock the Soul Gauge. This feature displays how many souls you have collected through the current battle. To collect souls, you need to perform certain abilities! Your Souls can be used to perform certain actions such as Blood Stalk and Grim Swathe.

The Shroud Gauge is added onto the Soul Gauge, but it displayed as a different colour. This gauge displays how many Shrouds you’ve collected through battle. Similarly to the Soul Gauge, you can accumulate Shrouds by performing certain actions. The Shroud Gauge allows you to use the ability, Enshroud.

Enshroud is the ability that allows you to take on the form of a reaper avatar – it’s pretty cool!

Death Gauge

As you level Reaper, you’ll also unlock the Death Gauge. This gauge displays the duration of Enshrouded and how many stacks of Lemure Shroud you have.

Lemure Shroud stacks can be used to perform Communio and Void Reaping. Once you learn the Enhanced Shroud trait, you can also obtain Void Shroud when you use your Lemure Shroud stacks. This allows you to use the abilities, Lemure’s Slice and Lemure’s Scythe.

Physical Ranged

Magical Ranged


Being a healer in any MMO can be a challenge. Luckily, FFXIV gives players the chance to try out shield healing, and pure healing. We recommend pure healing for players who are new to healing, but shield healing is extremely useful in later content!

Healer Role Actions

  • Repose
  • Esuna
  • Swiftcast
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Surecast
  • Rescue

Shield Healers

Pure Healers

In FFXIV, pure healers focus entirely on using their healing abilities. They may have a couple of shield abilities here and there, but overall their kit is all about the healing! Expect plenty of regenerative moves and strong healing potency.

White Mage

White Mage is one of the most popular healers to use, and is incredibly beginner friendly. It’s one of the top choices for the hardcore content, including Savage raids and Ultimate raids.

Healing Gauge

The most important thing to know about White Mage’s is the use of lilies. Once you learn the trait “Secret of the Lily” you’ll obtain the healing gauge.

This healing gauge displays the amount of lilies you have, which is capped at 3. A lily will spawn after a certain period of time as you take part in a battle. These lilies can be used to perform certain actions such as Afflatus Solace without using MP – they’re also instant casts!

When you learn the trait “Transcendent Afflatus”, using lilies will help to nourish to Blood Lily. The Blood Lily will bloom after you use a total of 3 lilies, which allows you to perform the ability, Afflatus Misery – a strong AoE attack!

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