Elder Scrolls Online’s 2023 morphing pet is a gift from Dibella

ZeniMax has revealed this year’s morphing pet in The Elder Scrolls Online: Passion Dancer Blossom, which is earnt by collecting pieces from The Impresario during various events throughout 2023.

While we have to wait until Microsoft’s Developer Direct on January 25th to find out where The Elder Scrolls Online will take us in this year’s Chapter, we now know that the event-focused morphing pet is focused on the goddess of love and art, Dibella.

The Passion Dancer Blossom is 2023’s morphing pet in The Elder Scrolls Online

the elder scrolls online 2023 morphing pet passion dancer blossom

The Passion Dancer Blossom is the base morphing pet in The Elder Scrolls Online for 2023 and will require you to purchase the Chartreuse Lily Petals, Enchanted Silver Flute, and Mystical Sheet Music fragments from The Impresario during this year’s events. Additionally, ZeniMax has revealed that the first morph we’ll be able to make is the Passion’s Muse personality. You’ll have your first chance to collect the Passion Dancer Blossom fragments during the Season of the Dragon event later this month in one of the best Xbox MMO games.

Interestingly, the Passion Dancer Blossom comes from Dibella, who, among other places, has a very strong presence in Skyrim and Markarth. According to Elder Scrolls lore, Cyrodiil, Hammerfell, High Rock, and Skyrim all have or have had cults of Dibella working out of them. The former three regions already have complete areas in The Elder Scrolls Online, but Skyrim, and this is purely speculation at this point, is only part-complete, as we’ve only had Western Skyrim and Markarth added to the game so far, so there is a chance that ZeniMax could be adding the final Nordic areas to the game. We won’t know for sure until the Developer Direct, but it’s certainly an exciting prospect.

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