Diablo IV beta now live on Xbox store, and it’s massive

The Diablo IV open beta kicks off soon, and the client has now appeared on the Xbox store — it requires a preorder to download at the moment, and the store listing puts it at a whopping 92GB download size.

If you’re planning on getting involved in the upcoming Diablo IV beta, you may need to free up some space on your console. While the freshly-posted Xbox store listing suggests an install size of over 92GB, some players downloading the beta build have mentioned that it is actually ‘only’ around a 76GB download on Xbox Series X… which is still pretty darn chunky considering you only get to play Act 1 of Blizzard’s next loot-filled dungeon-crawler, although it’s apparently somewhat smaller on consoles that don’t require the extra data of things like 4K assets.

Diablo IV beta download could be up to 92GB

Diablo® IV - Open Beta

Diablo® IV – Open Beta

Pre-Order Diablo® IV and Get Open Beta Early Access March 17th-19th*. The Open Beta is available to all March 24th-26th. Reach Level 20 in the Open Beta and get the Beta Wolf Pack and other rewards in Diablo® IV when it launches on June 6th.

Diablo® IV - Standard Edition

Diablo® IV – Standard Edition

Pre-order Diablo® IV – Standard Edition digitally and receive Early Access to the Open Beta, starting March 17th* and Light Bearer Mount in Diablo® IV.

Diablo® IV - Ultimate Edition

Diablo® IV – Ultimate Edition

Pre-order Diablo® IV – Ultimate Edition digitally and receive Early Access to the Open Beta, starting March 17th*, Light Bearer Mount in Diablo® IV and up to 4 days Early Access to Diablo® IV’s Launch**.

The Diablo IV beta’s Xbox store page gives us the lowdown on what we can expect from the early trial version of the game. “Explore the early game of Diablo IV, adventuring through the Prologue and Act 1,” it tells us. “The entire first zone — Fractured Peaks — will be yours to roam, filled with dungeons, strongholds, quests and events for you to discover. Play solo or co-op in groups of 4 as you traverse the rugged landscape, slay demons with brutal might and behold what horrors await in Sanctuary while you grow your power up to Level 25.”

While we’ll be able to get a quarter of the way to the action-RPG’s level cap in the beta, progress will apparently not carry over to the full game. That said, reaching at least level 20 will unlock the “Beta Wolf Pack and other rewards” for the full game, and the former is absolutely adorable, which is not something you’ll hear said about any other aspect of a Diablo game any time soon. The download is currently restricted to those with digital preorders for the game, with access codes currently going out to those with physical preorders ahead of the early access period from March 17th-19th. The client should be made available to everyone some time next week in time for the main open beta period that runs from the 24th-26th, so you’ve got plenty of time to free up space on your console if you’re not planning on preordering.

Diablo IV launches for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on June 6th, with early access to the open beta this weekend for preorder customers, while anyone else can get involved next weekend. Planning an early visit to Hell in the next few weeks? Let us know!

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