Destiny 2 slaps loyal Guardians with scummy season pass price hike

Bungie has announced that Destiny 2 players are staring down the barrel of a season pass price increase later this month, and unless Silver bundles change, it’ll be pulling a fairly common (but no less rude) free-to-play stunt.

Destiny 2: Season of the Deep is set to begin on May 23rd, and this 21st season will be the first to see its cost increase from 1,000 Silver to 1,200 Silver. But, in a naughty move that many F2P games like to employ, the current Silver bundles in the store come in values that don’t match up neatly with the new increased price, meaning you’ll always end up either committing to multiple seasons at once or left with small amounts of in-game change burning a hole in your space pocket.

Destiny 2 season pass price increase coming in Season 21

destiny 2 season pass price increase

A new This Week at Bungie post outlines a lot of upcoming changes for next season, including this price hike which seems to have a lot of Guardians upset. Even at the current price of 1,000 Silver for a season pass, the pricing on Silver in the store is a little cheeky — players either have to buy the 1,100 pack and have a little left over, or pay slightly more for two 500 Silver packs to meet the cost exactly. With the new pricing, that former situation will be practically unavoidable, a common trick used in free-to-play games to entice players into either dropping extra to top up their puny balance for in-game items or future seasons, or to commit to several seasons’ worth of currency at a time.

The other option, of course, is to go all-in on the annual pass when a new expansion drops, which gets you the latest add-on and an entire year’s worth of seasons for one hefty up-front fee of around $100. It seems likely that part of the intent of this price hike is to push more players towards this option, getting cash in advance from committed players or leaving them to constantly juggle with weird wallet values. The hope is that Silver bundle values and pricing might change to better reflect and tally up neatly with the new season pass prices, but it’s probably best we don’t hold our breath for that.

What do any Guardians here still playing Destiny 2 regularly make of this upcoming change that will leave us with more change? Let us know!

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