Dead by Daylight devs banned over 64,000 cheaters in 2022

Behaviour Interactive’s latest developer update highlights some of the big changes coming to Dead by Daylight this year, but it also shared some interesting stats about cheaters, including how over 64,000 were banned last year.

Dead by Daylight is turning its attention to what’s coming in 2023 with its latest developer update, but Behaviour Interactive also shared an interesting chart showing how many players have been banned from the game each year since it launched, including the fact that over 64,000 cheaters were banned in 2022.

dead by daylight cheaters

Behaviour Interactive shares first Dead by Daylight developer update of 2023

The chart, shared above, comes from Behaviour Interactive’s latest development update, and shows that 2022 saw the most cheaters banned since Dead by Daylight’s launch: over 64,000 cheaters were banned last year. “The team is still hard at work finding and patching new vulnerabilities, and we hope to share more information with you soon,” Behaviour Interactive adds.

Behaviour Interactive’s developer update also covers what’s coming to Dead by Daylight this year, including a new system for the Survivor Activity HUD to “bridge the gap between solo Survivors and premade groups,” changes for The Nurse and The Knight killers, and the upcoming addition of an in-game challenge tracker.

What do you make of Behaviour Interactive’s update on cheating, and the upcoming changes for Dead by Daylight? Let us know in the comments!

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