Complexity announces revamped broadcast for upcoming Race to World First – ARCHIVE

Complexity will once again bring together its partner World of Warcraft guild Limit to defend its crown in the upcoming Race to World First. The event will begin on July 13 with 18 Complexity-Limit guild members competing from the GameStop Performance Center in Texas where they will also livestream their own perspective throughout the event.

The RWF is a marathon event with players often competing for 16-18 hours each day until the final boss of the new World of Warcraft raid has been defeated. Complexity will manage the health and focus of its players as it has in previous editions of the race, providing food and recovery amenities. Complexity has won the last two RWF events. Across its broadcasts during the last race in late 2020, the organization saw a peak combined viewership of 220,000 viewers.

Balanced Media Technology will return as an event partner to aid in the integration of real-time stats and information. Complexity has also once again partnered with Chinese livestreaming platform DouYu which will create an exclusive broadcast for viewers in China.

In addition to the livestreams of individual players, Complexity will operate its own broadcast, debuting a morning show, Eggs Over Azeroth to preview the day’s events as well as a segment at the end of the day called RWF After Dark to recap the progress made so far.

Other WoW guilds have begun to announce plans for their own events surrounding the RWF, with more details expected in the leadup to the July 13 start date. December’s race saw more broadcasts and esports organization involvement than ever before with overall interest and viewership for the event growing each time since the first publicly broadcast race in 2018.

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