Claim an Exclusive Party Star Fashion in the Dragon Awaken Valentine’s Day Event

Valentine’s Day may be over for another year, but there’s still time to take advantage of Dragon Awaken’s Valentine’s Day event.

Available right now on Game Hollywood Games, Dragon Awaken is a popular RPG set in a dangerous fantasy world full of monsters, dungeons, dragons, knights, and dragon knights.

Storywise, it all starts with a dangerous foray into a dragon’s lair. Inevitably, things go horribly wrong for your intrepid party of knights, but you somehow come out on top. As you emerge from the foray you find yourself blessed with the power of the dragon.

What follows is a rip-roaring adventure in which you explore your new-found abilities, grow your character, and get into endless skirmishes with AI opponents and fellow players.

Dragon Awaken is a browser-based game, which means there are no unwieldy downloads. But unlike most browser games it looks absolutely fantastic, with a sophisticated 3D rendering engine and intricately modelled characters and buildings.

There’s a huge and diverse range of backdrops, too, including the Cosmos and the Continent.

In terms of combat, Dragon Awaken boasts an unusual semi-turn-based system, giving you a balance of control and speed. The results are spectacular – particularly when you factor in the various upgradeable heroes from world mythology and history.

Naturally, you’ll also be able to bring a couple of dragons into battle, giving you valuable bonuses. You can upgrade your mounts, too, altering their abilities and appearances to suit your preferences.

At a certain level you’ll also be able to join a faction. Supremacy and Amity are the two on offer, and whichever you choose you’ll find yourself scrapping for resources, land, and fame.

The Dungeon system, meanwhile, allows you to freely explore the gameworld while working your way through the immersive campaign.

There’s a huge amount to get your teeth into, and there’s no better time to do it than right now. Until February 16th you’ll be able to claim an exclusive new fashion item called Party Star, along with a whole host of other rewards.

To get started, head to Game Hollywood Games and play Dragon Awaken for free right now.

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