How Long Does A Gaming PC Last? – Understanding Factors That Affect Longevity

Building a new gaming PC from scratch usually costs a good chunk of money, so we want the system to last as long as possible. In today’s era, technology evolves extremely fast, so parts can already be outdated at the time of installation. So, how long do gaming PCs last? Gaming PC’s tend to last […]

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TA Team Picks (May 3)

Microsoft has applied discounts to a number of games and DLC across consoles and PC in this week’s Xbox sales. Check out what the TrueAchievements news team thinks would make great additions to your library. As another week draws to a close, it’s time for another rummage through the Xbox Sales to see what goodies […]

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The Music Of Final Fantasy 16: Part 2 – The Victory Fanfare

For my money, one of the most interesting aspects of a game’s creation is the composition and orchestration of its music. With Final Fantasy, that’s doubly the case because for me, and I imagine for so many others, its soundtrack is one of its best parts. Be it lo-fi channels, new arrangements, compilations, piano versions, […]


How To Spawn Sanchez Dirt Bike GTA 5

The Grand Theft Auto series has been a staple in the gaming industry for years, and GTA 5 is no exception. One of the game’s most exciting features might be the vehicles in the game. They really made effort in the latest version to bring the cars and bikes alive by recreating the real feel […]

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Diablo 4 Butcher location, how to kill, and rewards

Want to know where to find The Butcher in Diablo 4 and, more importantly, how to defeat the brute? You might have heard of some players having already gone up against the legendary Butcher while he’s nowhere to be found in your game, and your confusion as to the boss’ location isn’t misplaced. We, too, […]


NVIDIA’s G-Sync ULMB 2 aims to minimize motion blur in games

has G-Sync Ultra Low Motion Blur (ULMB) 2, the second generation of tech it designed to minimize motion blur in competitive games. Compared with ULMB, which it released in 2015, the company says the latest version offers nearly twice as much brightness, along with almost no — the strobing or double-image effect that sometimes appears […]

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[Nintendo Switch] Winter’s Wish: Spirits of Edo Review

Winter’s Wish: Spirits of Edo from Aksys Games, Idea Factory, and Otomate is an Otome visual novel that places you in the role of a girl born with a special power. Learn more in our Winter’s Wish: Spirits of Edo review! Winter’s Wish: Spirits of Edo from Aksys Games, Idea Factory, and Otomate is an […]

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Reaper 2 Tier List – Shikai and Races Ranked

Not sure which Shikai to use? Our Reaper 2 tier list is here to help. In this guide, we rank all of the Reaper 2 Shikai from the heights of S tier to the depths of D tier. That way, you can spend more time playing with the best and ignore the rest. We keep […]


‘Overwatch 2’ director explains why hero missions were canceled

When Blizzard announced earlier this week that it had canceled Overwatch 2 hero missions, a central part of its player vs. environment (PvE) story mode, fans were none too pleased. So director Aaron Keller published a blog post today to ease the concerns and offer more transparency about the development team’s “incredibly difficult decision.” Hero […]

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The Destiny 2 fish blaster isn’t real, but maybe it should be

A Destiny 2 fish weapon created as a joke in light of the forthcoming Season of the Deep is making the rounds, as some people believed the fan-created gun was an actual hand cannon from Bungie set to appear in the FPS game. The hilariously-designed item is the product of stellar graphic design work as […]