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Looking for a powerful piece of loot? Chances are that you’re seeking one of the Arcane Lineage boss drops. Most bosses in the game drop valuable loot that makes up some of the best gear Arcane Lineage has to offer. That’s why I’ve put together this guide, listing all of the Arcane Lineage bosses available in the game, what they drop, and where to encounter them. What’s more, I’ll also update this guide whenever a new boss arrives, or the drops change.

If you like classic RPGs, you’ll love Arcane Lineage. This Roblox RPG throws you into a world that wants to beat you up, and you have to figure out how to survive in it. You pick a class, loot new gear, and solve quests to level up. Before too long, you will master the uncaring world – especially if you bring along a few friends to form a party with.

You can check out Arcane Lineage on Roblox. I’ve also put together Arcane Lineage lives, Arcane Lineage races, and how to heal in Arcane Lineage guides.

Arcane Lineage Bosses

Now, let’s take a look at the list of Arcane Lineage bosses, including drops, and where to encounter them.

King Slime

This is likely the first boss that you will encounter in Arcane Lineage. It’s relatively easy to beat once you’ve levelled up a bit, and it provides some great loot for lower level players.

  • Location: The Forest
  • Stats:
  • Drops:


A powerful boss that provides some of the best gear in the game. You definitely want to farm this boss for your endgame drops.

  • Location: Mount Thul
  • Stats: 
  • Drops:
    • Dragontooth Blade
    • Dragonbone Gauntlets
    • Dragonbone Spear
    • Dragonflame Shield
    • Ring of the Dragon
    • Metrom’s Amulet
    • Narthana’s Sigil
    • Reality Watch

Thorian, the Rotten

Arguably the most powerful boss in the game. Much like Yar’thul, you want to farm this one for your desired drops.

  • Location: Deeproot Canopy
  • Stats: 
  • Drops:
    • Blightrock Dagger
    • Blightwood Staff
    • Darksigil
    • Stellion Core
    • The Void Key

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