Anime Adventures Broken Puppet Guide – Pito Evolution

On the hunt for an Anime Adventures Broken Puppet guide? You’ve come to the right place! Our guide contains all you need to know about the special Evolution item in the game for the unit, Pito. Whether you’re looking for some tips on how to obtain a Broken Puppet, or you’re not too sure about what you need to craft it, our guide is here to help!

Anime Adventures is a brand new Roblox game that does what it says on the tin. Once again drawing inspiration from your favourite anime series, Anime Adventures is a tower defence that sees you collect characters and send them out in defence of your base. If you like tower defence, anime, and lots of collectibles, there’s lots to love here.

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Anime Adventures Broken Puppet Guide

Now, let’s move on to the guide!

What is Broken Puppet?

Broken Puppet is an Evolution item that is used to evolve the character Pito – or rather, Neferpitou from the anime, Hunter x Hunter.

This item provides Pito with +20% Attack, +25% Crit, and Terpsichora.

How to Obtain Broken Puppet

You can purchase Broken Puppet from the Travelling Merchant Shop or you can craft it!

If you opt to buy the item, it’ll cost you 2,350 gems.


If you wish to craft Broken Puppet, you’ll need a few materials first. Let’s take a closer look at the required items!

  • 1 Rainbow Star Fruit
  • 3 Red Star Fruit
  • 5 Pink Star Fruit
  • 3 Blue Star Fruit
  • 10 Star Fruit
  • 2.5K Gold


Now, if you’re looking for Broken Puppet, you probably already know who Pito is. If you hadn’t guessed already, their design is heavily inspired by the character, Neferpitou, from the hit series, Hunter x Hunter.

  • Deployment Cost – 1,350 K Yen
  • Tower Type – GRND
  • Damage Type – Physical

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