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[FREE Game] Rooftop Renegade GIVEAWAY (PlayStation 4 or Switch – NA/EU)

EdEN reviewed Rooftop Renegade on the Nintendo Switch, a fast-paced futuristic action platformer from Melonhead Games. We gave it a 8 out of 10, and called it a “can Svetlana steal all the time crystals and save the world?“! Here’s an excerpt of our review: Rooftop Renegade is a fast-paced, futuristic action platformer that is […]

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Starfield rated R in Australia due to strong drug use

It looks like we’ll be getting as high as the sky in Bethesda’s upcoming space RPG Starfield, as the Australian Government has rated it R 18+ rating, due to the game’s strong use of drugs. With Starfield set to touchdown on Xbox Series X|S, PC, and join the ranks of some of the best games […]

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League of Legends champion updates start with Neeko and Rell

Neeko and Rell mains will shortly see their League of Legends champions of choice get tweaked, updated, and transformed as Riot Games confirms that the Curious Chameleon and the Iron Maiden are next in line for midscope updates. With League of Legends recently bringing reworks to Yuumi, the makers of the MOBA game are now […]


Trombone Champ’s ‘autotoot’ makes the ridiculous music game more accessible

Trombone Champ is a blast to watch, but a beast to play even compared to some other rhythm games — you try nailing a slide during the “William Tell Overture.” Thankfully, developer Holy Wow Studios is putting the game within reach of more players. It’s introducing an “Autotoot” option that takes away the need to […]

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Destiny 2, Horizon Forbidden West Actor Lance Reddick Dies At 60

Lance Reddick, perhaps best known for his role in HBO’s “The Wire” has died. He was 60 years old.  At the time of this writing, the cause of death is unknown but according to TMZ, “law enforcement sources say it appears to be natural.” Deadline was also able to confirm, through the actor’s public relations representative, that Reddick has […]

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Strayed Lights – New Trailer

Embers got in touch to share a new trailer for dreamlike adventure Strayed Lights on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Come check it out! Strayed Lights is an atmospheric action-adventure with fluid combat and an intricate world imbued with mystery. You are a tiny, growing light seeking transcendence. Explore a land of otherworldly ruins and glowing […]


This insertable 3D printer will repair tissue damage from the inside

Researchers at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, have developed a flexible 3D bioprinter that can layer organic material directly onto organs or tissue. Unlike other bioprinting approaches, this system would only be minimally invasive, perhaps helping to avoid major surgeries or the removal of organs. It sounds like the future — at least […]

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Pedro Pascal Stars In Mysterious New Merge Mansion Short

Between The Last of Us, The Mandalorian, and a viral TikTok audio, Pedro Pascal has been on a roll this month. Now, he’s branching out into something he’s never done before: mobile game ads. Following in the footsteps of actress Kathy Bates, Pascal has recently appeared in a series of promotional shorts for a mobile game called […]

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You Can Play Strayed Lights Right Now Ahead Of Its April Launch

Strayed Lights is out next month on consoles and PC, but you can play it today via a new Steam demo.  Developer Embers announced the news of this demo today during the Mix Direct Spring 2023 Showcase that aired today alongside a new trailer for the game. Strayed Lights continues to look great visually, and […]

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Dr. Fetus’ Mean Meat Machine Coming To PS And Switch

Thunderful, Headup, and Team Meat got in touch to announce puzzler Dr. Fetus’ Mean Meat Machine, which is releasing this year on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Come check it out! Dr. Fetus` Mean Meat Machine provides the perfect combination of classic puzzle-gameplay and hardcore platforming elements that Super Meat Boy is known for. Puzzle your […]