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Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Video Reveals New Gameplay, Confirms Battle Pass And Free Post-Launch Content

Today’s State of Play concluded with an in-depth look at Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League by Rocksteady Games. Set five years after Batman: Arkham Knight, the adventure centers on the villains turned government-mandated saviors trying to stop a global invasion by Brainiac, who has hijacked the minds of Earth’s greatest heroes. Metropolis serves as the […]


‘Humanity’ was the most interesting game at Sony’s State of Play, and you can play a demo today

You’re forgiven if you’ve forgotten about Humanity, the game from Rez creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s studio Enhance. However, it’s finally close to launch — and it’s receiving expanded platform support in the process. Enhance and THA have announced during Sony’s State of Play event that the strange puzzle and platformer hybrid will arrive in May on […]

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Three New Fighters Join The Street Fighter 6 Roster

Today’s Sony State of Play included a new trailer for Street Fighter 6, which served to introduce three characters joining the roster – the last ones we should expect to join the launch game line-up. The arrival of Zangief, the professional wrestler, comes as little surprise, since he’s been a part of the line-up for […]

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Here Are The Five PSVR2 Games From Today’s State Of Play

In Green Hell, a survival game developed by Incuvo, you play as Jake Higgins, a famous anthropologist stranded in the Amazon jungle. It’s got all the mechanics we’ve come to expect in this type of game – crafting weapons, fending off predators, and building bases – this time, in VR. Details are scarce, but we know the […]

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Genshin Impact takes legal action against Twitter leaks with subpoena

Genshin Impact publisher, Cognoshere, is continuing to take legal action against certain leakers by issuing a subpoena to Twitter. In the past, the publisher did the same to Discord in order to target specific, well-known leakers in large Genshin Impact Discord channels – the biggest target being a leaker named Ubatcha. This time, Cognosphere is taking action […]

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BioWare being “just as experimental” with Dragon Age: Dreadwolf RPG systems

BioWare has explained how every Dragon Age game has “handled RPG systems… differently,” and how it approaches Dragon Age: Dreadwolf with this view in mind. The release date for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is still a mystery, although BioWare announced a “huge step forward” in development last year. Now, in a new community update, BioWare comments […]

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Victory Belles Reroll – Step-By-Step Guide

Looking for a strong start in Victory Belles? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll teach you how to perform a Victory Belles reroll, helping you draw a high-ranking character from the very start of the game. Not only is this good for breezing through the early stages of the campaign, […]