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Switch Review Round-Up – A Little To The Left, Spirit & Mouse, Lost In Play, and more

We try to cover every Switch game we’re sent a code for here at Gamezebo. Sometimes we find ourselves with a bit of a backlog though – like right now for instance.  So here are some shorter reviews of games released or updated on the Switch over the last few weeks – that we might […]

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Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus LTE turns heroes into Greek gods

Heroes never die, and neither do Greek gods – not really, anyway. Blizzard has announced the Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus event for the FPS game, and it’s going to turn seven heroes into Olympian legends, complete with a set of reimagined abilities, in a free-for-all deathmatch mode that will run January 5-19. Seven Overwatch […]


Google is making free anti-terrorism moderation tools for smaller websites

Meta isn’t the only tech heavyweight making tools to help root out terrorist content. The Financial Times has learned Google’s Jigsaw is developing a free tool to help smaller websites detect and remove extremist material. The project, built with the help of the UN-supported Tech Against Terrorism, makes it easier for moderator teams to deal […]


Y-Brush's '10-second toothbrush' arrives in the US

As someone who bought an electric toothbrush far too late in life, I appreciate any product that promises to save me from expensive dental care. After debuting a few years ago in Europe, the Y-Brush, a sonic toothbrush that can clean your teeth in 10 seconds flat, is now available in the US . Unlike […]


Roland’s Bride Cast mixer lets you add your own graphics

Roland may be a mainstay in the electronic music world, but it also dabbles in the occasional creator product, too. This year at CES the company has unveiled an audio interface aimed squarely at streamers and it’s called the Bridge Cast ($299). Like rival products such as the GoXLR or Rode’s Rodcaster Pro II, the […]

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Destiny 2 Iron Banner returns with Cabal turrets in Fortress mode

Destiny 2 Iron Banner has returned, but this time, the fan-favourite activity contains an extra layer of PvE gameplay. Fortress, a new Cabal-themed mode, is similar to Control, a standard capture-the-zone mode similar to modes popular in many online shooters. However, in the new Destiny 2 Iron Banner season 19 mode, players must not only […]

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Witchfire gameplay has strong Hexen vibes

A Witchfire gameplay video that debuted as part of Nvidia’s CES showcase appears to answer the question, “What if Doom and Elden Ring had a baby, and that baby was also a game?” The gritty fantasy FPS game features guns, magic, and a plague-ridden setting in which players will dish out punishment with a range […]

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Steam users crown Elden Ring Game of the Year

Another awards showcase, another Elden Ring Game of the Year – and this time, it’s from Steam users. Valve’s annual game award winners have now been announced, and it’s hardly a surprise that Elden Ring took top honours in this one, too. However, the Steam Awards include several unique categories, which often recognise games from […]


Verizon’s new kids’ smartwatch has a camera to let kids video call their parents

Verizon has announced the latest model in its kids’ line of cellular-connected smartwatches. The Gizmo Watch 3 is a $150 children’s wearable that gives them basic smart features while allowing their parents or caregivers to keep tabs on their location. The newest Verizon watch for tikes continues the company’s goal of “providing a safe smartwatch […]