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What is Designed for Xbox?

There are accessories in the Designed for Xbox program that are built for each of your Xbox-supported devices, whether that be Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PC, tablet, or mobile. The sticker doesn’t necessarily dictate the price of the accessory either, meaning there are products available to cater for all budgets, unless it’s a […]


Will Battlefield 2042 Feature Crossplay?

Battlefield is, without a doubt, one of the largest game franchises of our time. However, the last few game titles didn’t perform as expected, which lead to the loss of many featured mechanics and gameplay changes. Luckily, Battlefield 2042 looks very promising, using many good aspects of the franchise, and will also introduce even more. Battlefield 2042 […]

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Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One storage — tips, tricks, and how to add more

Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One storage never feels like quite enough, does it? Luckily, there are a few habits you can implement to help squeeze the most out of what’s available — or add some more terabytes via additional drives. Running out of room is a very real problem now. It was getting difficult […]

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The best quick and easy Xbox completions

Fed up with quick completions that are awful to play? Here are some great Xbox games that also happen to offer some quick and easy achievements, so you can have a good time while watching your Gamerscore grow. Our weekly Quick Completions articles are usually filled with, let’s say, some less-than-stellar video games, and we’re […]

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What is Xbox Cloud Gaming?

A how-to guide for Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) and how to use the service on your console, mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Playing games from the comfort of your sofa or ergonomic gaming chair is generally the preferred way to play — it’s comfortable, great for your posture, […]